Good Team Habits - Watch Logs

Most of Beginner Rails developers gets overwhelm with tremendous capabilities of Rails in getting the stuff done quickly and ignores the wealth / insights hidden in LOGS generated when dreams are getting turned into reality

Being a more experienced developer, importance of logs and hidden treasure can only be communicated, made aware but not enforced.

Onus is still left to junior developers to mine treasure but its most of time skipped (Let’s not get in to reasons - why - will be another long discussion)

How can the log anlaysis and its ignorance can be moved into conscience of junior developer.

Answer is by making it more close, moving to the forefront.

How about in views, as a web-developer its the last frontier that must be conquered and very rare can be escaped.

On the quest to find a solution to above problem, I came across rails-footnotes Gem and immediately fell in love with it and integrated in all environments except production and test :)

Rails Footnotes parses the Request Log and presents in view configurable either in footer / top-left-corner

SQL Query Log Expanded

Written on June 17, 2015